“Writing when you are in pain does so much for your heart and your brain.”-Rayna Rose Exelbierd

The rose will rise.

The sun will shine.

No one knows when it’s their time.

A week full of tragedy

And at the end

Your death I didn’t expect

Your bubbly personality

Your warmth

Your depth

You had the ability to see and believe.

You were sensitive.

Your personality was a gift.

No longer here, your love will always persist.

Your eye for beauty made your photographs timeless.

We have no pictures just stored-up conversations.

I hope our interactions and memories will stay.

As we get older things change

But Rachel, you will always look the same.

You have a special place in my heart.

Your beautiful eyes and face I will always imagine when I hear your name

Wishing your family strength despite such pain

Knowing you, was mine but especially the world’s gain.

You will never be alone. You are now safe resting in the unknown.

“Make your life a masterpiece ✨ Imagine a world like that 🌎 ”

-Rachel Heather Margolis

Rest in Peace Rachel❤

“Let’s be explorers of each other’s hearts.
Let’s be adventurers of each other’s souls.
Let’s be travelers of each other’s dreams.
Let’s defy loneliness and
Lovingly walk each other home.” ~Butterflies and Pebbles

*Quote and photos were taken from Rachel’s Facebook page.*