Rayna Rose Exelbierd’s Inspirational New Book, “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes,” Captivates Hearts with Heartwarming Illustrations Featuring Real People and Their Furry Friends; Emphasizes Lessons on Antisemitism and Diversity for Young Readers






Step into a world of warmth and enchantment with “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes,” the touching new book by Native Memphian Rayna Rose Exelbierd. This heartwarming tale is beautifully illustrated, showcasing not only the diverse array of characters but also the special bond they share with their beloved furry friends. Some of these cherished companions are still by their side, while others have left an indelible mark on their hearts, leaving behind a legacy of love and fond memories.


At the heart of this captivating story lies a powerful message of inclusivity and understanding. As a dedicated educator, Rayna Rose Exelbierd infuses her lessons with important discussions on antisemitism, diversity, and acceptance. Through the pages of “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes,” young readers are gently guided to embrace differences, celebrate individuality, and stand against prejudice.


“We are excited to introduce ‘The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes’ to the world,” says author Rayna Rose Exelbierd. “This book is not just a story; it is a celebration of life, love, and the everlasting bonds we form with both humans and our furry companions. By incorporating teachings about antisemitism and diversity, I hope to foster empathy and kindness in young hearts, empowering them to create a more compassionate world.”


The book’s illustrations beautifully depict these heartfelt connections, and readers of all ages are sure to be moved by the emotions they evoke. The engaging narrative and thoughtful exploration of important societal issues make “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes” a must-have addition to any family’s library or educational curriculum.


To immerse yourself in the magic of “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes,” visit TheRoseGrows.Com and order your copy today. This heartwarming tale is perfect for families, educators, and anyone who values the power of empathy and understanding.


But that’s not all! Rayna Rose Exelbierd is teaming up with businesses and foundations for an exciting book tour in the upcoming fall season. Through this partnership, they aim to promote values-based learning for children across the country, with a special focus on addressing antisemitism and embracing diversity. Businesses that care about nurturing a compassionate and empathetic future generation are invited to join the tour and help spread the message of love and acceptance.


Join Rayna on this incredible journey, and be a part of the movement to inspire young hearts and minds. For more information about the book tour or to explore partnership opportunities, please contact Rayna Rose Exelbierd, Rayna@therosegrows.com, 813-641-4579


About Rayna Rose Exelbierd:

Rayna Rose Exelbierd is known for her passion for storytelling, her love for animals, and her dedication to creating a more inclusive society. As an educator, she infuses her lessons with discussions on antisemitism and diversity, aiming to empower young minds with the tools to combat prejudice and discrimination. “The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes” is a testament to her commitment to teaching essential values and nurturing empathetic hearts in children.


For media inquiries, interviews, and other press materials, please contact Rayna Rose Exelbierd, Rayna@therosegrows.com, 813-641-4579

Sneak Peak from Rayna Rose’s New Book. “Editors note: Our thanks go out to Rayna, whose caring soul and incredible messages touches hundreds of thousands of people. This photo depicts my sweet, Tiki, who you may remember was viciously attacked by a pit bull in 2022 and crossed the rainbow bridge. “


This piece was originally published in print for the Hebrew Watchman on July 27th, 2023 and the Jewish Scene in August 2023.