Motivational Speaker

Rayna Rose Exelbierd is a Motivational Speaker, Author, and Youth Mentor.

She dedicates her efforts to empowering youth. Rayna Rose has personally mentored thousands of students from around the world including India, Romania, Israel, Poland, Austria, Cuba, Latvia, Germany, Canada, and the United States where she currently resides in South Florida.

Rayna Rose’s primary focus is mentoring teens to build self-confidence, networking skills, setting personal goals, and learning how to respect others and their cultures. This results in highly developed social and listening skills and the courage to be proud of their own individuality.

Rayna Rose’s ability to inspire others to self-start personal improvement is unparalleled. She has received thousands of testimonials from children around the world, their parents, educators, friends, and supporting youth figures for the positive impact she leaves behind.

Inspired by the loss of her father Rayna Rose authored The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone. She uses real people, places, and animals from her life to reinforce themes of kindness, conversation, and resilience.

Rayna’s Rose’s new book The Girl Who Wore Two Different Shoes. She writes about real experiences and uses her two different shoe fashion choices to reinforce finding unity in diversity. Through being authentic people can build strong bonds with others who are different. 

As the granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors Rayna Rose has always been proud to volunteer her time with Survivors and other philanthropic causes.

Her movement The Rose Grows is training more young leaders how to reach their goals and be kind.

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