What if instead of a fancy bio people were introduced with their top 5 failures? Born to Lead and Mess Up is an interactive workshop for teen and college leaders who need inspiration and support to overcome personal and professional challenges. Through complete transparency and humor, Rayna Rose takes audience members on an emotional and entertaining journey to rediscover their strengths and problem-solve organizational setbacks.

Rayna Rose is a firm believer with the right mentorship, tools, and attitudes- young leaders can accomplish BIG things! Rayna Rose Exelbierd is an Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Youth Mentor, and Children’s Author. She has organized thousands of events since she was a teenager and has been fundraising for different organizations since she was 12 years old.

As the Founder and CEO, Chief Empowerment Officer, of The Rose Grows, she engages people by sharing her personal stories of being bullied and how she used these negative experiences to rise up and fight against modern antisemitism. Rayna Rose has personally mentored thousands of students from around the world including India, Romania, Israel, Poland, Austria, Cuba, Latvia, Germany, Canada, and the United States where she currently resides in South Florida.

Rayna Rose’s ability to inspire others to self-start personal improvement is unparalleled. She has received thousands of testimonials from children around the world, their parents, educators, friends, and supporting youth figures for the positive impact she leaves behind.

Rayna challenges audiences to take a stand and advocate for a more just world. Her stories are told with passion and strength. She brings her true and honest self everywhere she goes. Rayna knows certain issues are hard to talk about and uses relatable life experiences to highlight how we can celebrate differences. With a can’t miss personality, a tone that engages people of all ages, and a cool pair of shoes – Rayna evokes change in communities.

Since 2010, Rayna has shared her experiences with over a quarter of a million people in various demographics of leadership. She ignites others’ passions by sharing her own story, empowering others to enrich their communities through organizing and storytelling. Rayna has helped students change laws, run successful programs, launch businesses, start a podcast, and so much more.

It was such a pleasure having Rayna speak to us. I learned a lot about my Jewish identity through her words and she really showed me how not everything in life is planned. I am a pretty “play by the rules” kind of person and so many things that Rayna accomplished started as a happy accident. I never thought all of my passions could be combined into one thing but through Rayna teaching me about her life experiences with standing up against antisemitism and becoming CEO of a company, I know that I will do something I love one day that combines all of my interests. She is truly inspiring and not to mention has the best attitude, style, and shoes!”

Sydney Shanker, Regional Nsia BBYO Delta Region

Rayna is a super energetic, very inspiring entrepreneur. If you need some boost of motivation and creativity, she is the right person to reach out to. Without a long expertise of our NGO she managed to give very valuable tips and suggestions on how we can grow our organization, improve our content and attract an audience.”

Rebekah, College Student - Latvia

In the seemingly short time, I’ve known Rayna Rose, I have learned way more then I thought possible. She has helped me become a more outspoken person in the face of others, helped create a portfolio for my Graphics, start a website, and even connect with people in common fields to gain more insight in specific areas of interest I may have. I have gained confidence in professional and social settings and continue to grow as a person through her amazing guidance.”

Brandon, College Senior

Rayna was our guest speaker and she did amazing. She held all the teens’ attention and taught them how to speak up. How to speak up when the world is saying the opposite, how to stand up for yourself, and also Judaism. She told us stories of anti-Semitism that happened to her. Teens were able to ask her questions. The teens enjoyed Rayna and asked for her back! In BBYO, we teach teens leadership skills along with how to be kind, humble people. It was an important message the teens needed to hear in the light of anti-Semitism. Speak up. Don’t be afraid.

Zoe Goldberg , Delta BBYO Director