Rayna Rose’s first book, The Girl Who Said Hello to Everyone, was published in 2019 and it was inspired by the loss of her father. A poem Rayna wrote while grieving would later become a book bringing real people, places, and animals from Palm Beach County to children’s homes in over 10 different countries. While Rayna has worked mostly with teens for the last decade, her experience and growth, both personally and professionally throughout her life, is relevant to people of all backgrounds and ages.

Be the First to Say Hello is a social-emotional workshop for preschool and elementary students. It creates a space for children to educate their peers through exchanging new perspectives, learning how to journal, write a thank you note, asking for help, and to be better communicators through listening and conversational training. Students are motivated to read, unlock their creativity, and gain public speaking skills throughout the workshop.

Join Rayna in envisioning a world where for generations to come, kids can represent their heritage and cultures loud and proud; where we always remember but live in a future full of hope and where communities celebrate their differences. For, “When One Grows, We All Grow.”

Other big takeaways:

  • Teaching empathy
  •  Relatable Life Lessons on Kindness
  • Tools for navigating tough emotions

“She is calm because she is wearing a calming flower dress. She must be dedicated to traveling the country. She must like kids to travel. She is kind because she travels to talk to kids. She is cheery for saying good morning cheerfully. She listens to kids while they talk. She was showing herself by also answering questions. She uses teamwork with her coworkers. She wants to know more about us by asking questions. She likes to let us learn. She keeps track of others. She has been picked on and she understands that feeling. She is inspiring by speaking and knowing our feelings. She’s showing how to express our feelings. She’s showing how teamwork us good. She wants us to be nice. She wants us to interact.”

Brittey T, 3rd Grader

Working with Rayna was a wonderful experience. From the introduction to the follow-up after the event, she was personal and professional in all our interactions. She made the planning and the executing so easy! During our assemblies, Rayna exceeded expectations. She captivated our students’ attention from her first words and left them eager to see her again. Rayna actively engages her audience. Her message of accepting others and being kind to others was powerfully presented through her stories, her connections with our students, and her encouragement to the students. Rayna Rose Exelbierd exceeded my expectations of the event through her professional communication, ease of collaboration, connection with students, and overall presentation. Thank you, Rayna, for a wonderful experience.

Jenny Wilkes, Professional School Counselor Richland Elementary, Shelby County Schools

“Last Fall Rayna came and spoke to every child at Grahamwood! Her message is so powerful! Please be kind and say HELLO to everyone you meet!” 

Sylvia Albert, STEM Director Grahamwood Elementary

This is a must have book for every single parent out there. In today’s world of difficulties, hatred, and just plain “self worship” attitudes, comes a book that teaches our children to open their eyes and simply acknowledge others. This is what truly brings people together. Finding a simple connection spreading love and kindness to everyone we come across. The words are simple, but the message is deep and profound. The illustrations are beautiful and bring Rayna Rose to every child out there. It’s authentic, playful, and truly a spectacular lesson we can all learn from, including the parents. ”

Abraham Mercado