Rayna grew up with three older brothers in Memphis, Tennessee. Many people joked this must have been very difficult, but really it just inspired her to be strong and always speak up. Rayna means queen in Spanish, and she is the QUEEN at inspiring men and women of all ages to feel more confident. In the last decade, Rayna has spoken to over 200,000 people of all different backgrounds and ages. She has personally mentored hundreds of teenage girls to be successful event organizers and public speakers. Through these experiences, she has so many lessons to offer women of all ages.

Rayna uses her personal and professional stories to expose women to harder issues, inspire leadership involvement, and celebrate each other as women. As a teen, she joined many student organizations, but anytime she ran for a leadership position, she lost almost every election. Despite those losses, Rayna stayed involved and successfully planned many programs and fundraisers.

At eighteen, Rayna went abroad for an entire year. Taking on new challenges including volunteering, studying, and learning a foreign language. These experiences excited her to go to college and get involved. At 19, starting on the first week of school- she was shocked to experience bullying and racism. Rayna’s grandparents are Holocaust Survivors and this challenged her to not only speak up, but in the process inspire a major movement, and accidentally find her passion for educating others.

Since 2015, Rayna Rose has personally mentored hundreds of teens and college students around the world. She helps young people build confidence through leadership and communication training. Rayna mentored over 100 teenage women from 2019-2022 through a personal and professional development program she developed called Teen Tribe with guest speakers including a Broadway dancer, Forbes writer, professional athletes and many others to bring a special lens to inspiring the next generation of leaders.

Sessions included overcoming failure, tools for challenging times, goal setting, relationship building, and more. Overall, teens left Teen Tribe more confident in themselves and acquired new skills along the way such as journaling, goal setting, public speaking, and event planning.

When One Grows We All Grow is a powerful workshop that will give each member a set of tools leading to a more meaningful life. Participants will come out with deeper relationships and motivation to tackle their challenges and chase their dreams.

Rayna Rose Exelbierd spoke to my girls about investing in their passions & gifts to make the world a better place. She found a way to CAPTIVATE every girl by sharing her struggles with bullying, confidence, and self-worth. She left my freshman girls feeling SO MOTIVATED to be the best version of themselves and encouraged them to ALWAYS choose to build other females up in a society that’s constantly tearing us down. “When one grows, we all grow.” So much fun and kindness and joy were bursting out of these four walls today, along with the most positive messages these girls NEEDED to hear!”

Lydia, High School Teacher, Memphis, TN

I don’t think i’ve ever done the “stand for your sister” exercise with anyone before, especially my friends .this definitely stood out to me and made me very emotional. We hear talks similar to yours often, but this more than any i’ve ever heard stood out and meant so much to me.
you inspire me and the positivity and unapologetic self that you brought here was incredible and i hope me and all of my friends can feel the same now and forever. thank you for being so relatable and being a role model. please come back soon :) ”

P, 17 years old

“I wanted to thank you for taking part in our Temeh March- Women and Feminism session. Your presence, story, and presentation were inspiring and unique. Thank you for being such an amazing woman!”

Talya Inbar, Jewish Agency Program Associate Israel Action Program Hillel International

“First of all, thank you for coming to speak to us. i think you really contributed to uniting our school and i have definitely gained insight on recognizing my peers struggles. also, i am going to work towards being a better consumer of the world around me. i am going to work on my listening skills. i have suffered from depression and anxiety. i’ve been addicted to a type of drug and i have been sexually assaulted.  but i don’t define myself as an addict or a victim. rather a person who has overcome life’s obstacles and has her fists ready to right more. i have used my hardships to further my leadership experience and to contribute to the world. i am a strong believer that everyone has a choice, and i choose to be myself and look forward to the future (even if it seems impossible). The reason i am sharing this is because seeing you and hearing you has shown me that i am on the right track and i shouldn’t stop trying. i am constantly working to be my best self, and im not going to stop until i get there! i really needed a reminder of that right now because things are hard right now, so thank you for being the reason to reinstill that value in me. “

S, 18 year old Student

Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us today. It was very inspirational and super empowering. I really liked the exercise we did at the end.
I didn’t realize that so many people around me have gone through the same things as me. It was very heartbreaking to see that so many people stood up for so many of the things. I hope that I will be able to take your lessons and apply them to my own life, especially with the girls at my school. I will try to be more considerate and caring towards them because even if I think I know everything about them, I probably don’t. I really appreciate you coming in today and I think it will help us become closer. Thanks so much 

B, 15 years old