What Zionism Means to Me

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The latest in an ongoing series of discussions between pioneering Zionist women,
hear this personal  conversation about identity and conviction.

Zionism is deeply individualized, often shaped by one’s background, values and beliefs.
In this panel, four extraordinary women share their specific truths.

Rayna Rose Exelbierd, speaker


Join us for our two-day Inspire Zionism symposium:
October 25, 12-3:30 pm ET & October 26, 4-8 pm ET

Stay for the full schedule of panels and speakers or hop on and off based on the topics that interest you the most. Your Zoom link will grant you access to all the panels each day.

Zionist innovators take center stage at this free virtual event, infusing new energy into a forward-looking Zionism where multiple identities intersect. Topics range from social media to popular Israeli music, to what it’s like to be an LGBTQIA or BIPOC Zionist. You’ll hear from women trailblazers — political leaders, industry pioneers, scholars and more.

Thought-provoking, relevant and informative, this event is your chance to engage with Zionism in all its rich and fascinating complexities.

Join us in celebrating Israel’s 75th birthday by making a $75 gift* to Hadassah.
*Gifts of other amounts are welcome as well.


Wednesday, October 25
12-12:50 pm: Zionist Trailblazers Breaking Barriers
1-1:50 pm: Israel in the Media: What No One Will Tell You
2-2:35 pm: Styling Your Zionist Identity
2:40-3:30 pm: LGBTQIA+ and the Z Word

Thursday, October 26
4:10-5 pm: Portraits of Zionist Women of Color
5:10-5:50 pm: The Tattoo Taboo
6-6:50 pm: Sounds of Zionism: A Musical Workshop
7-7:50 pm: What Zionism Means to Me


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